We will dig into every detail of who you are as a photographer. We will set specific goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals with steps tailor-made for you and your work. 

  • Representation vs. not
  • Promotional alignment with client base
  • Building the right team
  • Regional vs. national voice
  • Taking creative challenges
  • Knowing your arc
  • Building effective presentations
  • Priority determination
  • Specific visual messaging
  • Passion in professionalism
  • Understanding your influences
  • Strategic career planning
  • Building your creative community
  • Placing yourself in the correct market
  • Understanding, “It’s all personal work”

How booking works

Simply view the pricing page, determine what will work best for you. Then reach out via the contacts page and we'll find a date and time to begin. I'll send you a brief questionnaire to jumpstart our conversations and set them on the right path for your needs. Each session will include a brief recap of our conversation to help remind you what we discussed and thoughts to keep you on track.


Can you help me edit images for my portfolio, website or promo pieces?:  I certainly can, but that's not really what I'm looking to offer with our time together. Our focus is on you innately understanding what is your strongest, most authentic  work, and why, so you can better communicate to current and potential clients. If you can come to know and understand those crucial elements, nothing can hold you back.