NIKE:  "Tony's industry insights, program feedback, and recommendations on equipment, processes and workflow are very valuable here at NIKE. I found Tony to be a great thought partner as we were testing critical new processes and workflow ideas with live products."       Linda Dickerson,  Global Brand Imaging, Dir. of Business Operations


Amazon:  "Tony's years of leadership at Amazon had noticeable positive impact within our flagship apparel studio in Williamsburg, and also for Amazon's global studio network as a whole."      J. Alley,  N.A. Senior Manager, New York Studio

(recently drawn on a napkin to explain my position in  large-scale retail production studios ...)

(recently drawn on a napkin to explain my position in  large-scale retail production studios ...)


For corporate or agency clients I can help you design, build and lead a scalable imaging system for your retail, apparel, advertising or marketing business. Whether starting from the ground up or improving existing facilities and workflows, as a follower of lean management philosophies I can help you simplify the complex and help you do more with less. Together we can optimize budgetary realities while improving the quality of your image output from a single studio facility or your global studio network.

With a 20+ year career as an award-winning photographer/director I use a combination of creative and logistical approaches to large scale challenges. Where most see these two things as contradictory, I see them as both complimentary and necessary for one another to develop an efficient imaging system and compelling content catalogs.

  • Lean workflow efficiencies
  • Development of operational best practices
  • Systems design: operations, production, facilities
  • Strategic recruiting based on priorities
  • Budgeting for studio buildout or upgrades
  • Optimized floorplans for high-production studios
  • Strategic alignment with business partners
  • Global studio system alignment
  • SOP document development
  • Performance vs. productivity appraisal
  • Creative direction for internal businesses
  • Coaching and motivation for contributors
  • Objective ratings for subjective content
  • Increase value of leadership for contributors
  • Becoming more than a cost-center 
  • Pilot program creation, execution & feedback