" The most talented people I know are always driven by passion... but harder to find are those rare gems who possess the powerful combination of a deep abiding love of image-making and the natural aptitude for the en·tre·pre·neur·i·al spirit.  Tony Baker is this exotic combo ... He is a creative heavy hitter with world-class street-smarts in the business of photography, and he has a professional pedigree that speaks for itself. Any investment in Tony's offerings are ones you can be sure shall pay great dividends."     -Libero Antonio Di Zinno  Photographer, director, writer, propagandista

Where to begin ... (?)   My most recent (team) role was as the adjunct Dir. of Photography Services for NIKE's Global Brand Imaging team. I consulted on everything from determining equipment needs, advising architects and builders, and assessing critical production pain points, to drastically streamlining workflow processes and retraining the creative teams. Our goals included continually increasing the imaging quality for NIKE and other internal brands while expanding their overall capabilities for creating gold standard e-commerce and marketing content.

Currently I consult photographers, schools and retail businesses about setting up, maintaining and growing their creative vision and overall success. I do this all from my home in Nashville, TN, though I travel quite frequently as well.

Backstory: In 2012, after 20+ years as an entertainment and advertising photographer, director and studio founder I took the helm as Lead and Managing Photographer for Amazon Fashion as well as other internal Amazon business partners in their Williamsburg (Brooklyn) studio. I led a large team of full-time fashion and commercial photographers and over 100 freelance photographers. We produced beautiful product images, videos, editorial stories and advertising campaigns within the world’s largest fashion studio. We photographed over 150,000 products annually. The studio led the way in e-commerce imaging systems development by creating state-of-the-art lean workflows and patenting new lighting equipment and procedures. I fully understand the the ever-increasing demands on both corporations and creative contributors to produce beautiful and compelling images day-in and day-out. It’s exciting to make the seemingly impossible happen through systemic best practices, clear communication, lean-driven efficiencies and creative motivation.

Deeper still: My photography career began (as an enthusiastic 16-year-old) sweeping floors, cleaning toilets and mixing darkroom chemicals an 800 sq/ft portrait studio. Through being a studio intern, delivery boy/production assistant, photo-assistant, producer, associate photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, facility owner, director, photo-team leader, photography recruiter/hiring manager and all the way through today as a retail imaging systems director ... (whew!), I've learned a thing or two about what goes into having a successful career in photography.

My detailed resume is available upon request.

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