We will dig into every detail of who you are as a photographer. We will set specific goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals with steps tailor-made for you and your work. 

  • Representation vs. not
  • Promotional alignment with client base
  • Building the right team
  • Regional vs. national voice
  • Accepting creative challenges
  • Knowing your arc
  • Building effective presentations
  • Priority determination
  • Specific visual messaging
  • Passion in professionalism
  • Understanding your influences
  • Strategic career planning
  • Building your creative community
  • Placing yourself in the correct market
  • Understanding, “It’s all personal work”

How booking works

Simply view the pricing page, determine what will work best for you. Then reach out via the contacts page and we'll find a date and time to begin. I'll send you a brief questionnaire to jumpstart our conversations and set them on the right path for your needs. Each session will include a brief recap of our conversation to help remind you what we discussed and thoughts to keep you on track.


Can you help me edit images for my portfolio, website or promo pieces?:  I certainly can, but that's not really what I'm looking to offer with our time together. Our focus is on you developing an innate understanding of what is your strongest, most authentic work, and why. Deeper development of this understanding allows you to communicate with more clarity to your current and potential clients. If you can come to know and better understand those crucial elements of your creativity, nothing can hold you back.


Tony’s industry insights, program feedback, and recommendations on equipment, processes and workflow are very valuable here at NIKE. I found Tony to be a great thought partner as we were testing critical new processes and workflow ideas with live products.
— Linda Dickerson, Global Brand Imaging, Dir. of Business Operations



Tony’s years of leadership at Amazon had noticeable positive impact within our flagship apparel studio in Williamsburg, and also for Amazon’s global studio network as a whole.
— J. Alley, N.A. Senior Manager, New York Studio

(recently drawn on a napkin to explain my position in  large-scale retail production studios ...)

(recently drawn on a napkin to explain my position in  large-scale retail production studios ...)


I can help you design, build and lead a scalable imaging system for your retail or apparel business. Whether starting from the ground up or improving existing workflows, as a follower of lean management philosophies I can help you simplify the complex and help you do more with less. Together we can optimize budgetary realities while improving the quality of your image output from a single studio facility or your global studio network.

With a 20+ year career as an award-winning photographer/director I use a combination of creative and logistical approaches to large scale challenges. Where most see these two things as contradictory, I see them as both complimentary and necessary for one another to develop an efficient imaging system and compelling content catalogs.

  • Lean workflow efficiencies
  • Development of operational best practices
  • Systems design: operations, production, facilities
  • Strategic recruiting based on priorities
  • Budgeting for studio buildout or upgrades
  • Optimized floorplans for high-production studios
  • Strategic alignment with business partners
  • Global studio system alignment
  • SOP document development
  • Performance vs. productivity appraisal
  • Creative direction for internal businesses
  • Coaching and motivation for contributors
  • Objective ratings for subjective content
  • Increase value of leadership for contributors
  • Becoming more than a cost-center 
  • Pilot program creation, execution & feedback

Most recently I was the adjunct Dir. of Photography Services for NIKE's Global Brand Imaging team. There I consulted on everything from determining equipment needs and assessing critical production pain points, to drastically streamlining workflow processes and retraining the creative teams. Our goals included continually increasing the imaging quality for NIKE and other internal brands while growing their overall capabilities for creating gold standard e-commerce and marketing content.

I currently consult photographers, schools and retail businesses about setting up, maintaining and growing their creative vision and overall success, all from my home in Nashville, TN.

Backstory: In 2012, after 20+ years as an entertainment and advertising photographer, director and studio founder I took the helm as Lead and Managing Photographer for Amazon Fashion as well as other internal Amazon business partners in their Williamsburg (Brooklyn) studio. I led a large team of full-time fashion and commercial photographers and over 100 freelance creative contributors. We produced beautiful product images/videos, editorial stories and advertising campaigns within the world’s largest fashion studio. We photographed over 150,000 products annually. We led the way in e-commerce imaging systems development by creating state-of-the-art lean workflows and patenting new lighting equipment and procedures. I fully understand the the ever-increasing demands on both corporations and creative contributors to produce beautiful and compelling images day-in and day-out. It’s exciting to make the seemingly impossible happen through systemic best practices, clear communication, lean-driven efficiencies and creative motivation.

Deeper still: My photography career began (as an enthusiastic 16-year-old) sweeping floors, cleaning toilets and mixing darkroom chemicals an 800 sq/ft portrait studio. Through being a studio intern, delivery boy/production assistant, photo-assistant, producer, associate photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, facility owner, director, photo-team leader, photography recruiter/hiring manager and all the way through today as a retail imaging systems director ... (whew!), I've learned a thing or two about what goes into having a successful career in photography.

My detailed resume is available upon request.

What We can Achieve together ?