1:1 coaching - WHAT WE WILL COVER

If you are reading this, you are a professional photographer who cares about making the correct next step in your career. In our conversations we will dig into every detail of who you are as a photographer. We will set specific goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals with steps tailor-made for you and your work. Topic we can dig into include:

  • Representation vs. not
  • Promotional alignment with client base
  • Building the right team
  • Regional vs. national voice
  • Accepting creative challenges
  • Knowing your arc
  • Building effective presentations
  • Priority determination
  • Specific visual messaging
  • Passion in professionalism
  • Understanding your influences
  • Strategic career planning
  • Building your creative community
  • Placing yourself in the correct market
  • Understanding, “It’s all personal work”

How booking works

Simply view the pricing page and determine which plan works best for you.  Once you sign-up, you'll begin by telling me a bit about yourself with a brief questionnaire. Next, you'll schedule our first conversation at your convenience via the online calendar, then we'll be 'off to the races'. Each conversation will include a brief recap email to help remind you what we discussed and my thoughts on keeping you on-track to your goals.

FAQ  -  1:1 coaching

I've been shooting for a few years, but now everything is moving so fast, and everyone seems to be a 'photographer'. How do I figure out what's next for my career when I'm just trying to keep up? :  

You are not alone. In fact you are in very good company. Even successful, seasoned professional photographers are talking about the break-neck pace of the business, the falling fees, the increased client needs, the ability for seemingly anyone to create publishable images these days. It's a lot to think about, and it can cloud your vision. The fact is, there are photographers that don't feel this pressure as much as most do. They seem to have it figured out, and their methods and approach is not really that difficult to understand and embrace. Together we'll look into the main challenges you have for your images, or your business, or your approach and dig into how we can clarify what your wanting to do, and how to get you there.


I feel stuck shooting the same kinds of images for all my clients. How do I break the cycle?:  

Great, great question. We'll look at your overall arc as a photographer, where you've been and where you are now. That's going to inform where you go next, and how to approach that next creative path.


How much time and energy should I be putting into Social Media Marketing for my photography?:  

Social Media is a hot topic these days for photographers. There are huge success stories out there from photographers that have steady engagement with their followers. But, many photographers don't see the point in it, or consider it a huge hassle. Social Media feeds are a tool, nothing more, nothing less. That's actually an easy conversation, if you look at it from the right point of view.


Can we talk about what cameras, lighting and gear I should be using?:  

Yes, we can discuss anything you like pertaining to your photography. But, these items are merely your tools of choice. Like any successful artist, craftsperson or business owner will tell you; It's how you use your tools to work towards your specific goals that determine your overall success.  And, beyond what equipment might have the latest technical benefits, there are can be aspects of some gear that can hinder your creative process, while others allow that process to flow more freely. 


Can you help me edit images for my portfolio, website or promo pieces?:  

The short answer is, yes. I certainly can do that with you. But, that's not really what I'm looking to offer with our time together. Our focus is on you developing an innate understanding of what is your strongest, most authentic work, and why. Deeper development of your understanding allows you to communicate with more clarity about what you do and why you do it to your current and potential clients. If you can come to better know and understand those crucial elements of your creativity ... in time you won't need help editing your work. But, yes I'm happy to do that if you like.